ZAZA Italian Gastrobar

Ayyy must be the ZAZA! This place had such cool vibes from the moment we sat down. I have never been to Italy but let me tell you this... The owner and the vibe of this place makes you feel like you are sitting next to the Italian DJ Gianluca Vacchi ( Such a nice guy and great food! 

Overall Little Linguini Rating 7/10



  • Acqua Panna - I have said this in the past... If you are still ordering tap water in 2021 you are probably the person who is driving with their mask on in their car alone. Always order the Panna Panna Panna (Designer Rapper Voice)



Let's talk appetizers: 

  • Crispy Artichokes -  Not my favorite but anything green and that is fried in my eyes is just not cool like grow up. That being said it wasn't terrible, but I would not order again Little Linguini Rating 4/10

  • Short Rib Mac & Cheese - You can take this one to the bank! This Mac & Cheese just hit in all different ways. Very creamy and the pasta was perfectly cooked. Little Linguini Rating 8/10


  • Rice Balls - Oooo I am over here... Rice Balls were fire! It only serves two so make sure your not going with anyone who hasn't eaten since their last stimulus check. Melted mozzarella cheese was mouth watering.   Little Linguini Rating 8/10



  • Orecchiette Campagna - I mean do I really even have to say anything. Take your eyes and look at the photo below. Now pick up your phone and call your mom/grandparents and tell them you fell in love with a pasta dish that isn't theirs. Little Linguini Rating 8/10


  • Chicken Parm - I get Chicken Parm is for Americans but ZAZA makes a mean Chicken Parm dish. Chicken Parm is one of those dishes where if you are in a full panic you can't go wrong ordering it. Little Linguini Rating 6/10


Chow Bella or However they say it in Italy! Food was great and Little Linguini is definitely going back.

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