Prime Steakhouse - Stamford, CT

Let's start off with saying there is not too much "Prime" about Prime Steakhouse located in Stamford, CT. Have you ever heard of Gummy Bear steak? I truly believe my 4-year cousin could attempt to make a better steak. Mind you I was on a date for this experience really brining out the big guns and playing all my cards. 

Overall Little Linguini Rating - 3/10

Items Ordered:


  • Acqua Panna - Listen if you don't order Acqua Panna on a first date you can kiss your chances goodbye. Tap water is a no no! 



Batting First The Appetizers (Aka Lets See Who Takes Control Ordering Food On This Date)

  • Burrata -  Which tasted like the string cheese you take out of your grandmothers fridge. Little Linguini Rating - 2/10

Now on to dinner... Mind you on a date over here so I really didn't want to spend too much money on appetizers

  • Tellers Ribeye - There is nothing really to tell here. Yes, of course I was impressed with the visual appearance of looking at a dinosaur bone on the table. That being said it was one of the worst steaks I have ever had in my life. Your local bar and grill has better steak. Little Linguini Rating - 3/10
  • Sides (Insert Donnie Azoff from wolf of Wall Street)
  • Cream Spinach - Have you ever gotten something stuck in your teeth... Now you know how crappy this Cream of Spinach was. Little Linguini Rating - 3/10
  • Mac & Cheese - I have to say I am usually just a Velveeta type of person... but this Mac & Cheese was amazing! Little Linguini Rating - 8/10
  • Mashed Potatoes - Not as good as your moms/grandmas next topic. Little Linguini Rating - 3/10




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